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Aluminum alloy is lightweight, rigid, a quality choice mostly used in construction. The surface can be treated with various finishes such as anodizing-treated (with a film of at least 10μ), heat transfer for wooden texture, and powder coating (long-lasting).

Niche Structure

A. Structure for Aluminum Extrusion: 1.2mm-1.8mm width aluminum is used to build aluminum alloy niche, making the most rigid urn niche in Taiwan.

B. The Method “Beam and Column” method to make and hold the space with column, pole and beam, then firmly fix with 12 bolts.

C. The niche base and top are secured with 1” square metal tubes, in which the rigid aluminum alloy is framed to achieve a safe, shock-proof structure, benefited from the metal‘s property.

Five-star Niche and Front

At Yi-Zhai, quality always prioritizes. Fixated with self-tapping screws, our aluminum alloy niche and its front are linked together by house-developed connectors for a more fitted effect that also elevates the appearance from traditional designs. A hidden magnetic lock is then attached with a gap strictly controlled within ±1.5 mm for a clean cut look.

Project Planning